24H Qualification Race

Date: 16-17 April 2016//

Place: Nürburgring, Germany//

Organiser: ADAC //

Team: Adrenalin Motorsport


12998233_10204661735301800_4810960172763546559_oDriving one of the team’s Cup5 BMW M235i Racing plus Data Analysis and Coaching.13002389_10205973969165102_6801921427966965839_o

I drove this 6 hour race together with Bogdan Kapusan, Christoffer Rink and Richard Moers. Thanks in particular to very fast laps by Christoffer, we secured a fine 4th place while the team’s top car with Norbert Fischer, Christian Konnerth and Gabriele Piana won the class!

Adrenalin Motorsport had also entered one car in the V4 class, that won, and two cars in V5, that won and came 4th; a great result for the team – congratulations to all!