VLN Race 1

Date: 2 April 2016//

Place: Nürburgring, Germany//

Organiser: VLN //

Team: Adrenalin Motorsport

12932675_1330247990325134_4947052947932565449_nData Analysis and Coaching.

Adrenalin Motorsport had entered 8 cars for this race: 3x Cup5 BMW M235i Racing, 1x V5 Porsche Cayman, 2x V5 BMW Z4, 2x V4 BMW E90 325.

A total of 23 drivers took the cars through the 4 hour race and all finished! The results included P1 in V4, P2 in V5 and P4 in Cup5 – congratulations to all!

To the left the drivers of V4 BMW E90 325 who won their class. Analyzing the data for Danny Brink, Gabriele Piana and Christoffer Rink was a pleasure as always – let’s do this again!

Other photos can be found here.