These are current Driver Vacancies that Carpe Diem Racing is recruiting for.

Upcoming Races with Vacancies:

2018 24H Series and 24H TCE Series :: All Races :: Cor Euser Racing :: Lotus Evora GT4 and BMW E46 M3


Teams with a broad range of Drives Available:

Adrenalin Motorsport

Races: RCN, VLN, 24H Nurburgring, 24H TCE Series

Cars: Cup5 BMW M235i Racing, V5 Porsche Cayman 981, V5 BMW Z4 3.0si, V4 BMW 325i E90, Cup4 Toyota GT86

Cor Euser Racing

Races: 24H Series, 24H TCE Series, various other – ask!

Cars: Lotus Evora GT4, BMW E46 M3, BMW 120D, BMW E36 318i Compact